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Catherine Quin introduces the ‘London Suitcase'

Building on the brand’s core principles of simplifying the modern woman’s daily routine, Catherine Quin takes this principle further by developing a unique proposition that addresses the challenges faced by the independent woman on her travels, whilst also avoiding the relentless design, production waste and consumption cycle encouraged by the fashion industry. Inspired by Joan Didion’s ‘Packing List’ from her 1979 essay collection ‘The White Album,’ Quin has created a series of luxury suitcases: “distilled wardrobe” solutions, that can be purchased partially or as a whole, taking the decision-making out of packing and one less stress out of travel.


The London Suitcase contains 11 flexible, modular pieces, creating a cohesive wardrobe in Quin’s signature minimalist aesthetic of clean silhouettes, made distinct by their striking details and luxury fabrications. From this 11-piece offering, there are over 30 possible combinations of shoppable looks. As an alternative to the current retail system, customers can shop in three distinct ways: by item; or by ‘suitcase segment’ which is made up of 4 individual pieces; or by purchasing the complete suitcase at a reduced cost. An accompanying illustrated styling booklet gives women the confidence one gets from having a personal stylist.


Inspired by the white stucco terraces of London, and the greenery of the city parks, a neutral colour palette forms the foundation of the London Suitcase, using versatile ivories, soft oatmeal, and a soothing sage. Sumptuous, yet functional fabrics such as silk, cashmere and linen are all guaranteed to travel well. Individual pieces are created to be worn interchangeably and allow the wearer to pare back or layer as summer turns to autumn.


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Shop In 3 Ways

  • Standard
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    • Shop each item from the collection as you wish
  • Segmented Suitcase
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    • Shop 4 items from the collection and receive a discount at check out
  • Complete Suitcase
  • £ 4500
    • Purchase the entire suitcase of 11 items. Saving more than 25%.