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  /  The Paris Suitcase


With this limited edition release we celebrate Paris and its history of craftsmanship and long standing heritage as the home of haute couture. Inspired by the 1940’s “New Look” of Christian Dior and the great Parisian plumassiers, we have matched the opulence of feathers with the playfulness of polka dots alongside our fluid silk pieces which can be worn in both the comfort of the home or out in the world. Navy plays a central part as reference to Parisian Icon, Ines de la Fressange, who regarded navy as a lifestyle rather than a colour.

Shop In 3 Ways

As an alternative to the current retail system, customers can shop in three distinct ways: 1. by item; or 2. by ‘suitcase segment’ which is made up of 4 individual pieces; or 3. by purchasing the complete suitcase at a reduced cost.

  • Standard
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    • Shop any item from the Florence Suitcase release as you wish.
  • Segmented Suitcase
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    • Shop 4 items from the release and receive a discount at check out
  • Complete Suitcase
  • £ 6, 244
    • Purchase the entire suitcase of 16 items. Saving more than 25%.