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The Florence Suitcase / 02

Introducing “The Florence Suitcase”, the second in a concept series of 'distilled wardrobes' which take the decision-making out of packing and one less stress out of travel. Inspired by the earthy tones of Florence's Renaissance splendour, with colours layered and blended to achieve a glowing richness. A deep moss and timber palette form the foundation of the 'wardrobe', which is accompanied by versatile ivories and soft oatmeal. Sumptuous, yet functional fabrics in varying textures, such as silk, cashmere and cotton voile are all guaranteed to travel well.

Shop In 3 Ways

As an alternative to the current retail system, customers can shop in three distinct ways: 1. by item; or 2. by ‘suitcase segment’ which is made up of 4 individual pieces; or 3. by purchasing the complete suitcase at a reduced cost.

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    • Shop any item from the Florence Suitcase release as you wish.
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    • Shop 4 items from the release and receive a discount at check out
  • Complete Suitcase
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    • Purchase the entire suitcase of 13 items. Saving more than 25%.