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At Catherine Quin we believe in creating garments in a manner that achieves the highest quality craftsmanship and meets the highest ethical and social standards. The concept of the brand was born from the ethos ‘buy less, buy better’, and so we aim to promote conscious consumption by offering our customers a solution to a sustainable wardrobe. We produce pieces that are made to last, that are seasonless and not trend driven. A huge amount of thought goes into each design - from concept to creation - with the greatest care to reduce our impact and to ensure we are making the best choices possible.



All products are manufactured in small, London-based ateliers where the pieces are handcrafted with care by a predominately female workforce, with whom Catherine has come to know personally. Local manufacturing not only helps the local economy but minimises pollution and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. We regularly visit the factory to make sure the people producing our clothes are paid fairly, treated respectfully and working in safe conditions. We believe the business reflects our personal values. Integrity and having a positive impact on the community - both locally and globally - is hugely important to us.


High Quality

Less than 3% of our fabrics are synthetic and we only use the most luxurious natural fibres, including silks, wools and high quality viscose. Although people are aware that silk, cashmere and wool are natural, some don’t know that viscose is made from wood cellulose, meaning it’s sustainable and fully biodegradable. Viscose fibres have a silky look and feel, and the same properties of comfort, breathability and absorbency of cotton. All materials that we use are long-lasting and have a minimal environmental impact. Environmental evaluation is a fundamental component which informs our choices of materials and suppliers and this filters through everything we do. From design, fabric and production right through to our packaging, which is a low waste, recycled and fully recyclable material. We also look into the issue of wastage at all stages of our garments’ life. We keep our cutting as tight as possible to reduce fabric loss and make sure we never over-order. We are also looking into more innovative ways to reuse cuttings in our upcoming collections. Our collections are seasonless, so we make sure that all of the fabric we buy is used up. This means we never have any dead stock.

What you can do


There are many ways that you can help reduce the environmental impact of a product once you have purchased it. Washing your clothes less and in cold water is a great way to help the environment. It helps reduce water consumption and stops colour fading too. We also encourage you to always hang dry your clothing rather than using a tumble dryer. Delicate, high quality fabrics often need dry cleaning, which, due to chemical use can be harmful to the environment. When dry cleaning your items make sure you have worn the piece as many times as possible and that you are using eco-friendly dry cleaners who use environmentally safe alternatives to the commonly used Perchloroethylene. Repairing clothing is an easy way to give them greater longevity. Minor repairs, like replacing a button or fixing a tear, can be done at home. But for any larger repairs, visit your local tailor. Fit is also important when it comes to the lifespan of a garment, tailoring is something that’s easy to do and will help you feel comfortable and wear the piece again and again. We are always happy to try and help with repairs and offer minor alterations to any Catherine Quin garment for free. So please do not hesitate to contact us at We are also implementing a Catherine Quin garment take back option, so when you have finished with your item and would like for us to recycle or repurpose we will do so and give you 10% off your next purchase.

Giving Back


At Catherine Quin we are committed to partnering with charities that support and empower women on both a local and global level.
“Partnering with the Women for Women charity and donating to their sister program has great synergy with our own Women of Purpose initiative and our values as a brand.” -CATHERINE QUIN

Women for Women

Catherine Quin donated 25% of the profits from the sale of the ‘Women of Purpose’ capsule collection to Women for Women UK (charity reg number 1115109) a charity that supports women survivors of war to rebuild their lives.

Smart Works

Catherine Quin’s ‘Women of Grace’ campaign was created to celebrate and empower the modern woman, inspired by the exceptional women who have remained resolutely graceful in the face of public recent hostility. Catherine Quin donated 25% percentage of profits from the campaign to Smart Works, (charity reg number 1080609) which helps and supports vulnerable women get back into work by providing interview coaching and clothing.

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