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Introducing our new Balzac cable knit
It took us over a year to develop this luxury, limited edition knitwear release and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you.

Hand woven in London, the human care at every stage of creation makes this garment so special. Each panel is knitted by hand and cables are attached and finished individually. The Balzac knit is made out of lambs wool from a certified organic company in Inner Mongolia where the lambs roam freely, in full respect for the environment. The quality of raw materials we use ensures that this is the perfect sustainable statement jumper when the temperatures begin to drop


All the wool & cashmere we use is from a certified organic company in Inner Mongolia where a family of shepherds take care of a small number of goats and sheep where they roam freely and the territory is protected.


When we receive the yarn from the family owned Italian mills we work with, it then takes 15 stages before a fully formed garment emerges. Each stage involves the experienced hands of our talented craftsmen; it’s the human touch at every level that makes our knitwear so great, from knitting each panel of the jumpers to  hand finishing each cable.


The dyes we use are natural & come from an infusion of herbs, berries and roots, in full respect for the environment.