Free shipping for deliveries over £500

Free shipping for deliveries over £500


Catherine Quin introduces her first limited edition After Dark in time for the festive season.

In keeping with the sustainable values of the brand, the sequin and glitter fabrics are all offcuts and disregarded deadstock fabric rolls. Quin has breathed fresh life into some of the brand`s signature styles, recreating them with a new energy using these precious offcut fabrics.


Introducing “The Florence Suitcase”, the second in a concept series of ‘distilled wardrobes’ which take the decision-making out of packing and one less stress out of travel.

Inspired by the earthy tones of Florence’s Renaissance splendour, with colours layered and blended to achieve a glowing richness. A deep moss and timber palette form the foundation of the ‘wardrobe’, which is accompanied by versatile ivories and soft oatmeal. Sumptuous, yet functional fabrics in varying textures, such as silk, cashmere and cotton voile are all guaranteed to travel well.


The Balzac jumper in Raven & Stone



Introducing the Distilled Wardrobes

Inspired by Joan Didion’s ‘Packing List’ from her 1979 essay collection ‘The White Album,’ Quin has created a series of luxury suitcases: “distilled wardrobe” solutions, that can be purchased partially or as a whole, taking the decision-making out of packing and one less stress out of travel.

The London Suitcase / 01

The London Suitcase is the first of the series. It contains 11 flexible, modular pieces, creating a cohesive wardrobe in Quin’s signature minimalist aesthetic of clean silhouettes, made distinct by their striking details and luxury fabrications. From this 11-piece offering, there are over 30 possible combinations of shoppable looks.

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